Mercenaries vs Missionaries

Mercenaries are driven by paranoia; missionaries are driven by passion. Mercenaries think opportunistically; missionaries think strategically. Mercenaries go for the sprint; missionaries go for the marathon. Mercenaries focus on their competitors and financial statements; missionaries focus on their customers and value statements. Mercenaries are bosses of wolf packs; missionaries are mentors or coaches of teams. Mercenaries worry about entitlements; missionaries are obsessed with making a contribution. Mercenaries are motivated by the lust for making money; missionaries, while recognizing the importance of money, are fundamentally driven by the desire to make meaning

– John Doerr

Inertia is a bitch

Dear Whoever Needs To Hear This (I did, 3 years ago)

If your startup feels like you're pushing a boulder up a hill.

And you try this. try that. It just stays uphill.

You don't want to quit.. But time is ticking..

Ask yourself this question

if I wasn't ALREADY doing this. Would I do this?

If this whole project dissapeared tomorrow. And I had total freedom.

Is this the project I would pick to work on?
Are these the first people I would call to work on it with me?

If yes – keep calm and carry on
If no – end it

So much of what we do can be best explained by inertia.

we do what we do because we were already doing it.

That's not a good enough reason to spend your time and talent on it!

Make sure this is what you would choose TODAY!

Inertia is a b*tch!

Originally tweeted by Shaan Puri (@ShaanVP) on 2 May 2021.