We proberen niet iets omdat er geen nadelen zijn.

We kiezen op een intelligente manier projecten waarvan de nadelen bekend zijn en het werk de moeite waard is.

(Vrij naar Seth Godin.)

De ontdekking

“Whenever I finish a work, I always feel lost, as though a steady anchor has been taken away and there is no sure ground under my feet. During the time between ending one project and beginning another, I always have a crisis of meaning. I begin to wonder what my life is all about and what I have been put on this earth to do. It is as though immersed in a project I lose all sense of myself and must then, when the work is done, rediscover who I am and where I am going.”

Bell Hooks

Nooit een steakje laten vallen

“A guy works all day, he don’t want to look at his plate and ask, ‘What the fuck is this?’ He wants to look at his plate, see a steak, and say ‘I like steak!”

-Pascal, in the film Big Night


“Religion is for those who don’t want to go to hell, and spirituality is for those who have already been there.”

Elizabeth Gilbert